Monday, March 1, 2010

Jarrod Gorbel Does Alicia Keys - "No One"

I have been a fan of Jarrod Gorbel for several years. He is in the band The Honorary Title. I was heavily a fan probably during 2005 when I saw his band play live at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. I will always remember that day, I went with my brother to the concert, it was raining. The crowd was standing still the entire time just blankly staring at them. And so many people were taking up close snapshots with their cameras of Jarrod and he stopped and told us that we would remember the concert more with our minds as memories than the pictures itself. Everyone put the cameras away. He looked as cute if not cuter in person. I left the show early because I had made plans with my then friend to go to a Deep House club. I felt like everyone watched me walk out of the gig since I was on the complete opposite side of the exit. It was semi awkward. I stood out in the rain for a little bit as my friend picked me up on the corner of Doheny and Santa Monica Blvd. We then went on our way to dance at the house club. I feel bad for abandoning my brother at the concert, I didn't tell him prior to the event that I was going to be leaving for my other plans and I feel bad that I didn't stay for the entire set. I still love jarrod's music.